Design reciprocity.
Everything AXEP is and does – what it stands for and what it produces – reflects conscious choices guided by consideration for our creative vision, the humanity of our collaborators, reasonable production and,ultimately, the wearer. The quality of our creations is a testament to the craft of the artisans from Paris and Limoges who bring our designs to life.
'Enamelling it is a frictional experience between control and surrender.'
We select silver, enamel, brass and gemstones to make the most ordinary objects feel extraordinary. Our pragmatic approach to materials emphasizes suitability for function, minimizes waste and rejects the disposable sample culture often encountered in luxury houses.
Acknowledging our impact.
Creation can only be justified when it is sensible, reasonable, and with a clear insight of its impact. AXEP prioritizes meaningful collaborations and values time and energy as precious resources.
Reclaiming fine deadstock cardboard, our pared-down jewelry boxes redefine luxurious packaging. Carefully-picked hues and our embossed TAG highlight AXEP’s attention to detail.
It takes a muscle to make one TAG. All the gestures and concentration TAG requires from Arnaud. ©One-line drawings by Ana Xenia during the time spent with Arnaud in his Limoges’ atelier.
Ana Xenia’s work sparks dialogue and exists as a testament to how creativity ignites collectively, and joyfully.