«You should massage the metal so the roughness fades»
Witnessing the meticulous work of Noémie and Brice mastering their craft with serene and experienced hands.
«Enamelling it is a frictional experience between control and surrender. It combines both water and fire elements.»
Grand feu enameling is one of the ancestral and expert techniques Arnaud masters in Limoges for . The enamel will retain its beauty and gloss for centuries.
Each packaging is unique. It has been designed as a jewelry box with the TAG as only signature, embossed on the lid.
The rarity of the coloured papers used for the packaging makes each jewellery box a limited edition.
The jewellery box design arose from wish to moderate packaging concept, whilst offering you the highest quality and sexiest wrapping. A precise selection among exclusively deadstock cardboard and colors has been processed at printing-house in Paris where each box is crafted by hand.