Independent from the body is an invitation to everyone to experiment and revalue clothes altered by use or trend.


eloquent designs converge attention on precise details. 

You will be discreetly remarkable in the collective noise.


surprises and awakens curiosity.

It may induce unexpected interactions which open you up to new connections with others, and more fun together.


designs arise from close cooperation with passionate craft-partners mastering a meticulous and unique know-how. 

dynamically searches for those partners and settles where each specific craft is mastered.

The use of materials is thoughtfully decided.

Currently the accessories are made in Paris and Limoges, using Remeleted Silver 925 and Grand Feu Enamel that has proven to resist in time through ages.

has been initiated by Ana Xenia in 2021 in response to her enthusiastic need for reciprocity in design.

The project is dynamically constructed as an Exquisite Corpse, a generous conversation between ideal and reality, intended to expand creative possibilities in accessory design. 

Ana Xenia has been through a very formative journey as a designer, allowing herself freedom of movement in design in Europe and overseas ( luxury fashion, high street consultancy, trend office...), broadening her cultural & fashion design vision.

Following seven years as a ready-to-wear designer (Margiela, Hussein Chalayan) , and after graduating from IFM, she integrated Balenciaga & then Loewe for seven years as a leather-goods designer.

From a Romanian-Greek background, her parents emigrated to France when she was 8 years old.

She integrated Ecole Vitruve primary school, a pedagogical environment that allows the child autonomy to express and experiment his or her natural willingness to learn and thus building up his or her own knowledge.

“I aim to divert the ordinary and the precious from their pre-defined trajectories.”

is the continuity in the stream of her experiences, and expresses her interest in constructing an universal language through design.

Ana Xenia, founder of