The designer.

takes its name from founder Ana Xenia Ene Pienescu. Born to Romanian and Greek parents and raised in Paris, her purpose is to construct a universal language through design.

She began her career as a ready-to-wear designer for Margiela and Hussein Chalayan. Later, she honed
her craft as a leather-goods and accessories designer for Balenciaga and Loewe. 

Her time in the fashion and luxury industry led her to reconsider: 

/ The timelines involved in designing long-lasting products

/ How to recast our notion of luxury
/ How to repurpose and revalue what is discarded. 

She founded her own brand in 2022 to respond to this reflection through design and carve a space for herself
a few steps away from the redundant dynamics of the luxury industry. A space that allows her to assess every choice in the creative process, from fastidiously selecting her materials to determining human timelines and volumes for production. 

Through , her approach is uniquely defined by creative reciprocity, a radical commitment to forging continuous partnerships with all those involved in materializing her designs — from the artisans, to the set designers and image-makers.

Ana Xenia’s work sparks dialogue and exists as a testament to how creativity ignites collectively, and joyfully.

“I aim to divert the ordinary and the precious from their
pre-defined trajectories.”

Ana Xenia in Paris, photo Christian Hersche

Jewelry for your outfit.

transcends established fashion boundaries, introducing the unique concept of JEWELRY FOR YOUR OUTFIT.

thrives on the storylines unfolding from the connections it fosters. Creativity ignites collectively, and joyfully, sparking off from partnerships, mishaps and candid interactions.

What twists, turns into discreetly remarkable hints.

Adorn a ripped pair of jeans, revamp a sweater plagued by moths, renew a garment you have worn over and over again.
Our designs are both ordinary and outstanding, familiar and strange, insignificant and sacred, inviting you to breathe new possibilities into your own wardrobe and reconsider what already exists with fresh eyes.

Recast the ordinary.

recasts the ordinary as remarkable, and the disposable as luxurious. stirs the beholder’s attention and offers a sincere invitation to take notice and connect.
What others disregard, we honor.

With TAG, HOOP, INSERT, EASE, LOOP, SLIDER — that one’s catchy — and BUCKLE, we invent new gestures, together.

The JEWELRY FOR YOUR OUTFIT collection invites the wearer to extend the longevity of their own garments with witty, singular designs.

stimulates curiosity and overturns ennui.
is seksy.

Design reciprocity.

Everything is and does – what it stands for and what it produces – reflects conscious choices guided by consideration for our creative vision, the humanity of our collaborators, reasonable production and, ultimately, the wearer. 
Could be vous !

The quality of our creations is a testament to the craft of the artisans from Paris and Limoges who bring our designs to life.
We select silver, vermeil, brass, enamel, semi-precious stones, and glass to make the most ordinary objects feel extraordinary.